There is something about traveling that takes my breath away. I live. I die. I am one. I am not one. There is a distinct difference from the norm. I am elevated to a new height. Undiluted liberation rises to the surface. Everything changes.

Another thing i’ve discovered is spontaneity can bring about the sort of memories that outlive those that have been structured. They sing. They dance. They fly. They’re uninhibited by design and free rolling by nature. Long live the song.

This was the forerunning alchemy i was seeking for change. The catalyst to propel me further.

I was sitting in a pub in Sussex called The Peacock with an acquaintance i had recently got to know and out of the blue the following day felt compelled to buy a ticket to Cape Town and take up one of my oldest friends offers to stay for a month

‘Birdman’ fitted the bill perfectly on the flight out (I loved it B’s), original in style with captivating steadicam that kept the whole thing moving along just fine. The flight attendant seemed to grasp my celebratory nature and handed me two small bottles of red wine as opposed to one. Such exchange of spirit and understanding. These small things can define a journey.

No sooner had I touched down I was reunited with some folk I hadn’t seen for ages who were coincidently visiting at the same time. Bottles of fizz being corked here there and everywhere and finally all descending on my mates beach bar on Camps Bay. Advance warning: such photographic documentation has not been recorded in respect for others privacy….or perhaps most of all my own…

The following day I hitched a ride with a friend who had hired a car and journeyed around Houts Bay to Chapmans Peak. We took in most of the peninsula to Cape Point but this stretch was the most exhilarating experience. The road is chiselled into the the cliff side and follows a chicane that must surely compete with the mountains surrounding the lakes in Italy. Sheer drops, sheer wonder

It’s not until i’ve done some proper walking that I begin to really have a sense of feeling around a city. There’s something about it that truly integrates me with my surroundings, i start to feel part of it all in my own sweet way. There are obviously many things that enrich a life and having a camera while wandering around streets is one of them. The energy of a place begins to emerge. For me, I get a sense of proportion. What goes on. It all funnels through me like a conduit. Absorb, adapt, evolve.

I’d been warned in advance to take care and stay sharp. I understand this. There is something edgy in the air here in Cape Town. Yet there is also something so cucumber cool too. It’s a paradox of a place. There are such polarities in wealth and its distribution that surpass anything i’ve ever personally experienced before. It is indeed hard to believe.

The Waterfront in Capetown is a tourist destination complete with spinning ferris wheel but it is done with a considerable amount of style. There is something quite perfect about Cape Town as a place to visit. Taking a stroll down Long Street you can begin to wonder whether it’s not the baby brother of New Orleans, resplendent with colour and colonial ironwork that is like food for the soul. Green Market Square is densely packed with crafts and artwork from around Africa.I rounded off the week strolling over to Camps Bay where I shot a party. A fabulous evening with some very nice folk. A lot of fun.


So its all about the freewheeling. Whether taking a morning dip in The Lido on Seapoint, blowing the froth off one in The Winchester, building up a hot sweat with some hot yoga at the foot of the hill or sitting on the balcony talking about nothing in particular but everything in particular. It’s all good.

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