My good mate Ken lies innocently in the centrepiece of this construction, though is certainly not to blame for any of the apocalyptic finish! I simply like juxtaposing images and see how that can work, whether they fit. One is of him on The Millenium Bridge, the other part of the exterior rigging of a Ghost Train that used to be at the bottom of Brighton Pier.

With this shot I’ve absorbed huge amounts of detail in Lightroom, duplicated both images and touched up both using Filmstocks. Once overlaid normally in photoshop using Bridge I boosted the whites.

As for going into the finite detail, I come fromĀ an experimental place. If it starts to look good the enthusiasm mounts and all that get’s left behind to allow the creative juices to flow. Let the passion drive you I say.

I remember reading a Robert Smith interview from The Cure where he was asked why he saw life so blackly, why there was such darkness and misery in his music; that he must struggle so much in his life. He replied no, absolutely not, all the dark bits come out in the songs leaving him feeling great. Nice oneĀ Robert.

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