When I first came across this term I didn’t know what to make of it, not some heavy fisted marketing term for Popeye potential wine swillers surely? Excuse me but it conjures up visuals of washing detergent, which I’d like to keep a safe distance from my wine rack thanks very much.

It does grab your attention though doesn’t it? There is that ring that says don’t just leave me be because I’m bigger and bolder and so I’ve simply got to be better. I know you want to know more. I know you want the experience.

So when you start to debunk the myth and unravel what it’s all about, well, it all gets so much better. Farming techniques that are not only conducted in an organic manner but go one better. Techniques that embrace the ecology energy and spiritual essences in nature? Well call me a tree hugging, star gazing hippy but that’s got to be better, right?

It was Rudolph Steiner we have to thank for this technique in farming, one, which, put simply, puts back. Compost is used in a self-sustaining manner and soil deemed to be a living organism; cultivation and harvesting carried out according to the lunar and celestial patterns in the sky. Cosmic and intergalactic vibes to you too Rudolph- love it!

Over the years I have ambled my way down this brambly path and can honestly say I’ve never had a duffer. All have left me feeling replete, replenished and wanting more. On this journey out of 450 plus producers around the globe I found my personal favourite to be my appointed ‘King’ of the Rhone Valley Chapoutier. Chapoutier shares a kindred spirit with Rudolph as he cares to have his labels touched with braille too. His Belleruche became an everyday favourite for a couple of years. Soft, dark, earthy and full of spice it never failed to please. Not too light, not too heavy- just hitting the spot. Right there.

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