inspires me and brings development to a project….

it’s the alchemy that brings the elements together….

below are some examples with brief explanations behind some of the set ups used.

Traditional country lounge

A Different Setting Can Change The Game.

I’ve worked mostly on location in my career behind the camera so i’ve developed an eye for what might match a scene or backdrop.

These colours and textures can help a portraits definition and stand out.



I suggested to Jo that we ran the shoot with minimal make up and capture a range of images that portrayed her natural beauty and strength as a woman, to be direct but open to the camera without necessarily ‘striking’ a pose. 

My rationale behind this direction was seeing Jo’s features in the classical purist sense, my motivation was the portrait “Girl with the Pearl Earring’ by Johannes Vermeer.   

We used my B2 Profoto with a softbox and grid as a key light and my A1 as a rim light for Jo’s hair. 

Fine Art Portraiture

On playing with a theme here this couple were portraying a king and queen, the king having the stature on the throne while the queen, though supportive and in the background is the one in their relationship holding the strength. 

We used simply used a Profoto B1 with a beauty dish.

Food Photography

This image is taken from a series i shot with executive chef Tim Hughes. 

We collaborated on a portfolio for the Caprice Holdings chain of restaurants. The images are taken ‘in situ’ so giving an atmospheric feel to the overall dining experience.

A kit of dedolights was used with a soft box and kicker lights provided by lastolite reflectors.

Interior Photography to suit your needs.

Whether you need images for a brochure, website, book or for real estate purposes i have the equipment and knowledge.



This was a fascinating project to work on as a former home to the Eurythmics, Ginger Baker and where the bands Queen and Genesis had once played on the lawns.

The building was completely refurbished with a blend of contemporary and classic.

Shot with a Canon Mk 3 with a T/S 24mm and long exposures and a 1.4 50mm for mood and detail. A book was then compiled and published for the client.


This has nothing to do with photography

a few thoughts i’ve noted…i’m a keen writer and have had a few pieces published, no lens reviews here but rather another creative element and form of expression….

Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge

My good mate Ken lies innocently in the centrepiece of this construction, though is certainly not to blame for any of the apocalyptic finish! I simply like juxtaposing images and see how that can work, whether they fit. One is of him on The Millenium Bridge, the other...

Biodynamic Wine- will it wash out?

Biodynamic Wine- will it wash out?

When I first came across this term I didn’t know what to make of it, not some heavy fisted marketing term for Popeye potential wine swillers surely? Excuse me but it conjures up visuals of washing detergent, which I’d like to keep a safe distance from my wine rack...

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