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A good picture can speak volumes. Great photography can project a brand simply and effectively. Visual content can amplify a message faster than any other content.  
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Be direct in your statement.
My services offer professional photography and marketing for digital media content. My photographic portfolio include Caprice Holdings, Langar Hall and Gidleigh Park. I collaborate on the design, copy and build of websites for individual professionals and large corporations in the UK and abroad. My approach and thought is placed in the overall picture and package, how best to achieve that goal and at a price that is within reach.

See and be seen

Elevate your campaign.

“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective.” Irving Penn
Whether you need a new headshot for your social media profile or a complete photographic portfolio to illustrate your business Steve Davies can help distinguish what’s going to make you stand out amongst the crowd. Steve Davies collaborates on digital marketing projects and helps with online brand management for all types of businesses ranging from sole traders to large corporation; creating content for local artists or capturing food served by some of the worlds finest restaurants it’s Steve’s eye for detail and context that has helped develop and build business.


I have a background in television broadcasting and can film and edit material for your business or production.

Music PR & Publishing

In the late eighties I worked in the music industry on the road and behind a mixing desk, nowadays it’s behind a camera and capturing the image as opposed to the sound but essentially promoting and amplifying material for PR and publishing.



Residential Photography


Hotel Photography


Food Photography


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