I’ve discovered this cracking Argentinean Pinot Noir; a real gem among gems from Trapiche Vinyards. A fuller fatter Pinot than any Bergundian or from any cooler climate but it’s got length and its got legs. It’ll give you more bang for your buck than anything from that stockpile on discount. Anyhow, with that very much in mind and on my palette I thought i’d share on this page an article on chilling reds….just where the hell are they??

Is sampling and swilling down a chilled red as straightforward as crossing the road? Will we ever return once we’ve crossed? Sure it’s nice being on the sunny side of the street but sometimes the heat there can become too overbearing and we may desire to seek the sexy shade.

I won’t expostulate too much on this point as variety is in abundance when discovering wine, nay it is endless. However the desire to mix some things up can just what’s needed. Chilling red wine in my book is creative, shows passion and i’d personally love to see more of it. It need not be too much of a statement but in the current climes it would simply go down a treat. I’ve only myself to blame but when in company white wine does always appear to have the leading edge and so I buckle and appease.

Getting some red in the fridge is really doing something with that wine of yours, it certainly doesn’t work for all wines or everyone for that matter but it certainly razzes up the options when the temperatures soar. My desire is to see more signposts, more reminders out there to encourage the explorers…

It’s not Ice station Zebra, just slightly chilled that does the trick. Leave out chunky Cabernets, Malbecs and those that follow suit. Reserve that executive parking in the chiller for the Beaujolais, Pinot Noir or my personal favourite a Cabernet Franc Chinon with just enough stalkiness to lend another bite. Lightness on the whole though is what counts.

I love exploring and have that sense of adventure, however I had a sparking Shiraz out of the fridge once, twice in fact…..but no third time lucky. Everything in moderation.

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