Molitor Hotel Photography.
The Molitor Hotel stands majestically on the outskirts of Paris.

Housing two impressive swimming pools, one Olympic; this hotel is about size and scale. The pools are more than matched with towering surrounds and an interior that combines all of its history and style.

The simplicity of Art Deco and more latterly the free form of a variety of graffiti artists provide the backdrop to this iconic landmark.


Designed by architect Lucien Pollet in the 1930’s The Molitor became an epicentre for Parisians of every class. Thriving in popularity  throughout the year the pools were often frequented during the otherwise quieter month of August with those seeking respite in the City but a desire not to travel too far for it; something that remains to this day.

During the 1980’s the complex underwent a considerable change. A bid to turn the site over to apartments was declined and through neglect, it harboured newer, more vibrant lovers. Graffiti artists redecorated the interior with a fresh appeal and much of this work has been photographed and archived on the web.

Despite this colourful attraction which continued for around twenty years, a group known as ‘SOS Molitor’ that had campaigned to save the premises from total dilapidation were given ownership and many community sports and art events were held there.

In 2007 the French Hotel Group Accor initiated the extensive refurbishment that has reformed and revitalised this monument of time into the 5 star hotel it is today. There’s a rooftop bar and restaurant where you can take in fresh heights and the surrounding city. All the rooms look onto the pool below and have the simple elegance of Art Deco style while on the ground floor there is a nod to the many graffiti artists that expressed their personal stamp of devotion. Below, an underground beauty spa can provide anything from a deep massage to a deeper quieter space.

I hope i captured the timelessness in my photography of Hotel Molitor. All in all there’s something very unique about this place that has given out to every class and creed. It moves with the ebb and flow of the times, unlike the many getting in and out of its pools it does more than dip its toe in the water, it simply carries on, regardless.

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