Saint James Paris
Close to the Arc de Triomphe and closer still to the quieter more sedate Victor Hugo is the colourful, spacial elegance of Saint James Hotel Paris of The Relais Chateaux Group. With Bambi Sloane behind the design and build expect something reassuringly different that takes you down the rabbit hole and deep into something surreal, opulent and luscious.

Staying at the saint james paris

It would be hard not to feel the all encompassing special enclosure as you enter the courtyard of Saint James Paris. Within the curved walls a sense of protection unfolds and the cascading water from the fountain softens and luls anything stretched. As you check in at reception, you’ll notice curtains framing something deeper and take a glimpse of something  less traditional. Once you pass through there is no going back, at least in the form of experience; a dream like portal and the grand stairway beckons you up and beyond.

Each room has its own character, but they share the same Boudoir luxuriance and combine soft silky fabrics that echo sublime chic and  a raciness that’ll have you making a booking for the Moulin Rouge.

Rooms come in all sizes and there is plenty to suit different pockets moods. An aspect that appealed to me beyond the soft edges of velvet was how no room is simply square or rectangular, there are alcoves, balconies, sloping ceilings, spiral staircases; nothing’s going to box you in here. If you’re in need of a deeper restoration then This hotel with a spa and a masseuse is on hand to take care.

The high walls of the atmospheric bar offer a broad choice  spirits, solace and a wealth of literature if your seeking  immersion with refinement. In the restaurant next door gastronomic food is supported with comfortable wrap around chairs, crisp linen and silver service.

The garden that surrounds the Saint James Paris hosts performances and lights up during summer evenings. Set here and in the immediate surroundings its hard to imagine you’re in the heart of Paris. Seclusion and wonderment at a very different pace.

You may find Pilou the cat languishing somewhere and setting the tone during your stay, I found him far more appealing than any smug Cheshire otherwise though there are many references to Alice in a French Wonderland. Alice who discovered French chic through the late sixties and fused it with some renaissance elegance; it’s a style, like the hotel, that is unique in itself.


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