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The food at Langar Hall


Gary’s been head chef at Langar Hall for many years and along with his dedicated team contributed to many of the trophies that Langar have been awarded over the years. The camaraderie that exists in the cramped kitchen is admirable. There’s contribution in flair and style but on a more basic level getting the job done and on time. That’s not easy when the burners are on and the clock’s ticking.

Much of the produce is sourced locally and cooked fresh, vegetables often picked from the garden that day, and yes, you can taste the difference that makes.

Langar Hall restaurant will always challenge London in the quality and creativity of its food, and in my opinion be equal leaders in the field of fine dining; but what it has that other establishments may lack is an eccentric warmth that chimes along in unrestrained fashion. This benign backbone is all the structure that’s needed as there is nothing artificial in the way it is presented to you, by way of food or flesh. It’s the presence in the moment, that attention to individuality that’s not manufactured that strikes a chord.

I guess the only traditional thing about Langar Hall is the Sunday Lunch or Afternoon Teas, but here too you can taste the difference; it can also be found in the air and history, right down to the buildings foundation.

Collaborating with Gary and Ross on the food photography for Langar Hall was delightful, energetic, and inspiring. I didn’t expect to leave a few pounds heavier but i was glad of it.


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