Le Caprice

Le Caprice is tucked behind The Ritz in St James’s in Piccadilly, originally opened by a former Maître d’ of The Ivy, Mario Gallati in 1947. It was relaunched in 1981 but the Maître d’ at the time, Jesus Adorno has continued his devotion to the restaurant and its history and for many years overseen its smooth running also as a director of its owners Caprice Holdings.

The History
The relaunch of Le Caprice heralded a new chapter in the future of the restaurant. The simple bistro chairs, surrounded by Bailey black and whites and the scheme in colour and tone and style taken further with chrome and polish. The assembly fitting perfectly with the decade that was just beginning to develop its roots in similar fashion.


My first visit was with a girlfriend in around 1984, we were the fortunate benefactors of a cancelled reservation. The ambience with its refined elegance and the calm efficiency of the staff laying out the qualities of what could be expected from the food. It was as seamless then as it is now.

Perhaps one of the defining qualities is at Le Caprice you know what to expect and that all the elements will be exceptional.


Much later I dined there with an old friend from the wine industry. We often shared a debate over whichever way a wine is marketed you always tend to gravitate towards that which you know. That with so much choice now available the pull of something tried and tested is a strong one, the value in an established joy goes a long way.

As we perused the list for something that would match the occasion our jaws dropped with the joint delight of seeing Ramsay Pinot Noir listed. An example we would often reference to and a wine that offered the sophistication of top notch Burgundy for a fraction of the price.

So now, in an age where we have more choices than we know what to do with the argument couldn’t be stronger and with that trump card always at hand Le Caprice is ahead of the game.


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