J Sheekey
Stepping over the threshold of Sheekey’s doorway is akin to entering a time machine set in the creative curves of the 30’s, it instils a depth that runs as deep as it’s wooden paneling and a past that’s desired like a long lost love. With frosted decorative windows to seal this transformation, something then shifts within and you realise you’ll never experience the same thing twice.
Dining at Sheekey’s

The simplicity at Sheekey’s is sublime but the character complex. If you’re feeling deep and broody, or perhaps romantic then dine amongst the dark wood with the pools of light that pick out subtle detail. Perhaps your mood is more open and effervescent, close next door there’s a brightness in the air that sparkles like the polished brass fittings on the finish.

Whether you want to indulge in a platter of oysters or appreciate the straightforwardness of a fish pie you can rely on Sheekey’s to find the right balance to suit your palette. This can also be applied to the wine list which I personally found impressive and overall, affordable. I’ve no doubt it evolves but every time i’ve visited there’s been something to match the moment.

The splendor is exquisite. Nothing is taken for granted at Sheekey’s and after a 100 years of service it simply gets better.

More recently the two shops that were next door were converted into an Oyster Bar that has all the character of the restaurant next door right down to the beautiful black and white prints; but with it’s colour matched diamond tile flooring and circular bar there’s more of an edge. Here Sheekey’s becomes metropolitan. Caught somewhere between the cities and style of Paris and New York there’s more glamour on show.

With the ice on the Crustacea bar gleaming like crushed diamonds a scene is set to take centre stage; greater than any nearby theatre and with less performance, i’d give J Sheekey a standing ovation every time.

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