The Ivy
The Ivy was established 100 years ago, set in the heart of the West End and close to the longest running play in history it too has its place in provenance and is unlikely to change anytime soon. Renowned for its popularity amongst celebrities it is without doubt a dining experience unlike any other, one where there will always be a sense of occasion.
Dining at The Ivy
I’ve dined at The Ivy on several occasions, each time marveling at the taut excitement that bellies its foundation but sparring you of any interfernce with its intense pleasure.

It’s irregular shape and diamond stained glass lends itself to something biblical with a thriving congregation and a communion that has its own divinity.

The Ivy restaurant is amply lit with daylight during the daytime but the frosted glass that prevents any off table distractions seals in all the atmosphere that goes on and during the day the experience is akin to being in a private club. Nighttime heralds an altogether more intimate ambience with softer tones and pool lit tables, quieter and more elegant.

The food at is exemplary and the service the best I have ever experienced. When service is so exceptional so is the feeling of the person in receipt of it. I’ve taken partners, families and friends there and they have all felt valued and special.

Perhaps the occasion most marked for me personally was when I was helping a friend clear out his flat to move abroad. We’d arranged to go to the tip that morning. He announced first thing that he’d booked a table somewhere for lunch so when the time came and the venue of The Ivy announced, as grateful as i was i was equally uncertain as to how i would be received. Clad in a pair of Timberlands and jeans it was no different, my manner hadn’t changed and neither had the Maitre ‘D’s, the only surprise was to be found on other diners.

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