Daphne’s Restaurant
Daphne’s has been a firm favourite for locals in Chelsea for many years. With neighbours like Joseph, Chanel & Conran there’s a natural panache that goes with the area and the Italian Restaurant is constantly relied on for it’s quality and flamboyant surroundings.
What to expect
The colour and flair of Daphne’s restaurant though replicating styles more associated with deeper parts of Italy suit the surrounding area and its inhabitants well. Italian restauranteurs are renowned for their charm and hospitality, greeting their customers with the warmth of a family member; Daphne’s is no different, even dogs are made to feel part of the experience.

There’s a lengthy bar for those who prefer this style of dining with a rear conservatory that is also able to cater for weddings and private parties. The retractable roof takes in the summer sunshine and the fire at its end provides winter warmth. It’s a restaurant for all season’s.

When I did the food photography at Daphne’s I followed the chef to one of the van deliveries, the thoroughness of choice was impressive, the very best chosen and choice seasonal ingredients rarely seen elsewhere. All were managed skillfully, assembled to the right degree and carefully delivered with vibrant colour and textures that simply leapt off the plate. With all the animated passion of the surroundings all felt completely at home, myself included. Everything found it’s place and comfortably so.


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