Having suffered from chronic fatigue & being fortunate enough to recover I was keen to collaborate with Chloe on an account that documents her experiences of another chronic illness causing sudden disability.

ADEM, likened to MS is a neurological disease effecting around 8 in a million people a year. It’s further paralysis is how it affects the brain in the form of loss of consciousness & in severe cases even death. The further isolation & separateness one experiences due to what is unknown & invisible can deepen the impact, other examples of unseen illnesses are depression & ME.

Chloe and I considered ourselves to be exceptionally lucky in our recovery. This film tells of how Chloe’s determination and will helped her to come out the other side.

Offering services as a photographer/videographer throughout the UK


Contact Steve Davies on 07979024250

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Covering the UK with standard working hours between 8.00 and 22.00 (flexible by arrangement)

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